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YAKA 2 Pack Fixed price for sale Mail order Clothes Pants Lay Hangers 5 Heavyduty Slacks

YAKA 2 Pack Clothes Pants Hangers Slacks Hangers Heavyduty 5 Lay


YAKA 2 Pack Clothes Pants Hangers Slacks Hangers Heavyduty 5 Lay


Product description

Color:2 Pack


Quality foam padded arms the of the hanger to avoid the clothes fall down from the hanger. Compatible with all kinds of clothes. Perfect for hang your jeans, pants, trousers, ties, scarf, etc. That make it compact and organized. Keep pants neat and organized on the poles and tidy. You will love being able to hang more pants and save space.

Product Features:

Deluxe and heavy duty enough to support all kinds of your pants,slacks,jeans.

Durable heavy metal construction, resistance, Smooth surface and scratch resistance.Slip-resistant EVA foam protect the pants from slipping off.

Swing arm design makes it more convenient to get your clothes out of the closet without removing the hangers.

Thin space saving design maximizes closet space.

Product specifications

MATERIAL:High-quality metal and EVA foam

Package includes:2 Pack

Size:14.5''*14.3''*0.6 inches.(As shown)

Product presentation:

1.You will receive same color and style as the picture! What you see in the photo is what you get.

2. Rust resistance and sturdy construction. Smooth surface and scratch resistance

YAKA 2 Pack Clothes Pants Hangers Slacks Hangers Heavyduty 5 Lay

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All our favorite places to dine alfresco around Philly right now, just because we want to. Not because we have to.


We’ve Really Missed Watching Sports at a Bar

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Finding Comfort in the Discomfort of a Dive Bar

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Powder Blue Ceramic Creamer and Sugar Service Set with Lid

This Lancaster-Made Smokeless Firepit Will Heat Up Your Crisp Fall Nights

Big enough to gather friends around, small enough to fit on your patio.

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